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Passion with Perfection

After working in many countries, Chef Siddharth has developed a new style and gave new dimension to Indian cuisine, where it is taken to new heights of healthy eating. Chef Siddhartha has learned from his Indian routes to bring the diverse nature of his culture and recreate his art into his food. Chef Siddhartha’s expertise lies in using the ayurvedic benefits of Indian spices to create dishes that not only taste good but also enlightens the health benefits. As a result this provides great room for experimenting with new dishes perfected to excellence. Cooking for Siddharth is like painting a canvas on the plate, which can be experienced with a delightful satisfaction for the customer’s soul. Come and try Chef Siddharth's food, where you can feel the homely taste of India juxtaposed with modern cooking style and healthy practices. We delightfully bring our cuisine to the table with balanced class, quantity and taste. Be a part of this enriching experience and come join hands to bring healthy eating on the table.

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After finishing apprenticeship in Five-star hotels of ITDC in India, Chef Siddhartha was picked instantly to work for the Irish restaurant chain in Dublin. After working for many years in Ireland and UK, Chef Siddharth moved to a beautiful city in Canada,Vancouver. With his soulful venture in Canada; Siddhartha’s Kitchen is committed to bringing home flavor with art and love.

Chef Siddharth has an excellent eye for color. He believes that mother nature gifted us with natural colors and provided us with an opportunity to play with them. We do not need artificial colors to add. Chef Siddharth loves to work with seasonal and fresh organic ingredients. After exploring many cuisines like Italian, French, Chinese now, Chef has decided to work with Indian cuisine and bring best out the best of his passion.

Chef Siddhartha is always on a quest to create sumptuously innovative Indian Cuisine. His passion lies not only in beautifully presented and unprecedented creations, he is also passionate about feeding you with heartwarming welcome.