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Siddharthas Kitchen is a place where you can satisfy all your senses, where the presentations are only surpassed by the flavours upon your palate.

Our ingredients are sourced from local farms and businesses. We believe everyone must do their part for our future generations and we are active in promoting sustainability – we use local, fresh and seasonal produce – our food reflects the pure taste of nature and the love it was grown with.

We use only the minimum amounts of fats and salt in our dishes to create healthy and nutritious meals. We always marinate our meats for deep infusion, and braise to a plump and mouthwatering finish.  All of our menu items are created to keep you healthy and happy.

Chef Siddhartha is always on a quest to create sumptuously innovative Indian Cuisine. His passion lies not only in beautifully presented and unprecedented creations, he is also passionate about feeding you with heartwarming welcome.

Chef Siddhartha hosts cooking events monthly and is willing to cook  and exchange ideas with all his guests. Check out Siddhartha’s Kitchen Events Page for upcoming interactive classes where you will enjoy signature drinks and dishes, have conversations with the chef, and leave with a goodie bag packed with lovely surprises.

Wether you’re in the mood for a quick lunch, rushed take-out, cosy order in, or a fine evening be assured  you will be well taken care of.